Nаked lace and leather dress! Zendaya became the main star of the ceremony

Lace and leather dress that is bare! Zendaya emerged as the event’s primary celebrity.

The actress and singer, 26 years old, made a stunning entrance. Zendaya selected a garment from a high-end line that complemented her skin tone.
The Hollywood celebrity looked gorgeous at the CinemaCon Big Screen Achievement Awards in Las Vegas wearing a custom-made outfit.

Zendaya had a memorable evening because she was given the Star of the Year award. The celebration of the accomplishments and outstanding work of actors, actresses, and directors

and the awards are a chance for the world’s theater business to express its gratitude to them for bringing the best films to the big screen.

The Euphoria actress selected a light brown Versace dress with a slit at the back for the occasion. The floor-length skirt had leather inserts that looked like a corset and was covered in rose designs all the way down its length.

The artist’s lean frame was highlighted by the outfit’s open neckline and fitting design.

The girl’s skin tone and the color of the clothing were practically same, giving the appearance of a nude body. The pointed high heels in beige leather suited well. The actress and singer selected multiple rings, a sizable gold bracelet, and earrings with sizable, glittering diamonds.

The makeup artist used glossy lipstick and eye shadow in a chocolate-tone to enhance Zendaya’s innate attractiveness. The star’s dark hair was worn in a traditional old Hollywood style with curling locks.

Zendaya proudly displayed another award, a figurine with a globe on top, as she smiled for the cameras. According to the Daily Mail, the young woman rose to prominence for her performance in the well-known HBO series, for which she had already won two Primetime Emmys.

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