Do you recall the girl with the massive monobrow? This is how she now appears and lives.

Few people would categorize Sophia Hadjipanteli as a conventional model, despite the fact that she was included in multiple high-profile periodicals and high-profile brand displays.

The girl gained recognition and entered the industry because of her attractive feature. People stared at the gorgeous woman’s prominent monobrow. This specific component of appearance is considered humiliating by many members of the fair sex, and they will take whatever steps are required to get rid of it. However, Sophia used it as her greatest asset and competitive edge.

The model’s career took off after that, and she secured her position in the annals of the glossy world. But the beauty didn’t simply want to admire others; she also wanted to assist them. She began the “UnibrowMovement” movement, which promotes unconventional beauty, as a result.

Today, Hajipanteli still sports a bushy monobrow and aggressively advertises her own blog.

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