“Deep Neckline, Lace And No Underwear”: 76-Year-Old Goldie Hawn Surprised Everyone With Her Outfit!

Goldie Hawn was once incredibly good. Maybe now that beauty of youth has already gone, but Goldie still has her incredible charm and energy.

At the very beginning of Kurt Russell’s love relationship with Goldie, some skeptics said that she was five years older than him and that her husband would soon leave for a younger one, but now everyone is looking at Hawn and dreaming of being like her.

Goldie lives by her own rules. She travels with her beloved husband, dances and practices yoga, goes to restaurants with friends and dresses like a young student.

Recently, the actress with a group of friends went to a fashion club. The star put on a cropped leather jacket, skinny jeans and a linen top with lace and a very deep neckline.

As Goldie herself admits, positive thinking helps her look amazing. Hawn discovered Eastern philosophy and Buddhism back in 1972 and has been meditating every day since then.

The actress is sure: you don’t need anything extra to be happy and beautiful, you just need to allow yourself to do it.

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