The non-traditional polka dance of 16 couples wowed everyone.

Have you ever attended a ball?

Nowadays, people converse and dance together at pubs and nightclubs, but attending balls was a big deal back in the day!

Men dress up in tuxedos and fancy fabrics, while ladies dress up in corsets and huge dresses.

We may be far in the future, but that doesn’t imply that dancing in ballrooms in huge ball gowns is no longer a thing.
In reality, various organizations arrange events to commemorate the era when ball dancing was popular.

One of these notable occasions is the Stanford Viennese Ball.

According to its website, the Stanford Viennese Ball is an entertaining Stanford institution that involves social dance, live music, performances, and live contests.

It was founded in 1978 by students returning from the Stanford-in-Austria program.

After witnessing the magnificent balls in Vienna, Austria, the students were so impressed that they took ball dancing back to their home country.
Students were ecstatic to be a part of the first-ever event held in Toyon Hall.

350 students took part in the spectacular night of dance.

This custom has since blossomed into a formal occasion that students look forward to.

They are overjoyed since attending the event allows them to wear their freshly pressed suits, dresses, and gloves. What is there not to like about that?
One of the events that everyone is looking forward to is the opening dance.

The Stanford Viennese Ball Opening Committee is in charge of this portion.

Everyone in the room was thrilled by the opening song!

It’s fascinating to watch their coherence and synchrony.
The males are dressed in black suits, while the ladies are decked out in white silk gowns and gloves.

There were many lifts and rapid spins, and before the audience could recover from the last jump, the dancers performed yet another stunning set of acrobatics!
This committee’s introductory music never gets dull.

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