“Prettiest curves!” The most beautiful woman on the planet, according to men, rested by the pool

Plus-size model Ashley Graham just won the title of most attractive woman in the world among males. She has never been known for having a thin body type, but after giving baby and putting on 90 kg, admiration for her only grew.The celebrity shared photos of herself relaxing by the pool at her Los Angeles residence on Instagram.

Following Ashley’s announcement, her followers wished her luck in the comments section. Some people, though, took issue with the singer’s statement and argued that “There should be a lot of beautiful women,” “Not a model but a dream,” and “Who said we like thin women?” were valid arguments. “And I have never looked at excessively thin ladies,” the star responded. I have no interest in them at all.

What constitutes a healthy and attractive woman may mean different things to different people. Each person is different and has their own sense of what the perfect female beauty is, without any strict guidelines like 90-60-90. The choice of the most attractive woman on the earth ultimately rests with the individual.

With her new photos, Ashley appears to have stirred some online debate about whether or not guys have poor eyesight.

Graham is undoubtedly the most attractive lady on the globe, and while I can’t speak for everyone, I can certainly agree with that assertion.

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