Grandpa with red hair and long hair. In the latest video, Douglas, who is 78, is hardly recognisable.

It’s hard to think that Michael Douglas turned 78 years old. Several of our subscribers have probably seen images of the captivating actor, and they probably remember the picture of a youthful, handsome man with a toothy smile. Fans of Douglas have come to the conclusion that Douglas can now be recognized merely by his smile.

Michael has significantly aged, which has upset fans. The Hollywood star recently got in touch with fans from Paris and surprised them with a new look. Michael now has longer hair.Among the comments under the picture were “Michael’s not the same,” “What are his teeth like,” “He’s turned into a granddad,” and “I didn’t recognize Douglas.”

Did you recognize the actor? Michael is different, “What are his teeth,” “He’s become a grandfather,” and other remarksDouglas wasn’t familiar to me, someone commented in the comments. The actor, did you recognize him?


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