“People Are Shocked” Miley Cyrus’ sister walks around Paris, covering her chest with only a chain

Miley Cyrus is considered the “queen of naked outfits”. But 23-year-old Noah keeps up with her flamboyant older sister.
Popularity came to the girl very early. Already at the age of two, young Noah starred in TV shows with her father, the famous country musician Bill Ray Cyrus. Noah repeatedly appeared in the project of her older sister Miley Cyrus “Hannah Montana”, performing episodic roles there.

It seemed that Cyrus Jr. should have been interested in an acting career, but she was drawn in the other direction – to music. So already at the age of 17, Noah released singles in full, which even appeared on the charts. Cyrus’s excellent vocal abilities were passed to her by her father and sister, who also abandoned her acting career.
But not only this Noah looks like her sister. Girls are still united by a love of fashion and their style, which sometimes raises a lot of questions from the public.

So Noah Cyrus appeared at the annual Paris Fashion Week in an elegant tight dress with a neckline so deep that the singer’s chest was completely bare. In order not to look completely vulgar, the Hollywood star covered her nipples with a large black chain, which still showed more than necessary.

The image was complemented by the absence of eyebrows on Noah’s face, which she lightened in advance. True, because of this, a whitened face and actively emphasized cheekbones, Cyrus acquired a painful look.

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