Shy man who can hardly say his name steps onstage, shocks everyone in the room with his voice

Christopher Maloney was always too shy to perform in public, but he finally does it on X-Factor UK. When he sang Bette Midler’s ‘The Rose’ everyone went wild.

A big part of being a successful performing artist is being able to control your own emotions in order to make a real connection to the audience and basically not mess up. However, that’s easier said than done.
Stage fright is a real thing, and it is only natural to feel nervous and anxious when having to perform in front of a large group of people – especially when you don’t have any experience being on stage.

The man in the video below knows a thing or two about what it means to step outside your comfort zone and face your fears to get closer to your goals. When Christopher Maloney stepped on stage to audition for The X Factor UK, he felt extremely nervous and stressed to be on an international stage in front of the judges and all the other people present in the audience. And it showed.

The judges were worried that he won’t be able to perform because he was sweating uncontrollably and could barely get a word out. But the moment he started singing, all their worried perished.
The man managed to get his emotions under control and captivated the audience’s hearts with his stunning voice.

Here is the video:

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